Tetworld Node C--Global Strategic Gaming
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Tetworld Node C: Strategic Gaming/Planning Operations

Cardinal Rule: Players who resort to politics, automatically lose, and must withdraw from the game!

I. Document/record the entire process, e.g., using a permanent archive.

II. General System Controls, i.e., strategic approach to problem solving.

Begin with the whole (overview) before reducing to
parts--develop a "sketch of the whole system including parts.

A. Global> Regional> Local> Community> Individual

B. Develop a set of critical variables, indicators, "pressure points", to create the sketch. e.g.:

1. Population
2. Shelter
3. Energy
4. Communications
5. Health
6. Environment
7. Education
8. Economics
9. Transportation
10. Culture
11. Food
12. Leisure
13. Resources
14. Distribution Logistics
15. Other

C. Develop a list of trends for each critical variable, at each level, e.g., review past vs. current conditions.

D. Develop matrix (cross impact analysis) to demonstrate "variables'" relationships to each other.

E. Postulate likely future(s) given reviewal of trends.

III. Select a model, problem state, for first round gaming, e.g., Belize

IV. Develop a repertoire of techniques for problem consideration(s).

A. Brainstorming
B. Consensus
C. Simulations
D. Octahedral Processing
E. Mind Mapping
F. Other

V. Go to Design Science Sequential Processing--

A. Select problem(s) to address from the list of critical variables.

B. Define the selected problem(s), from general symptoms to root cause(s).

C. Create a sketch of the preferred state for the problem state. What would it look like in the ideal--best of all possible worlds? How would it work?

D. What does the problem state look like now, today?

E. What are the possible choices (from off-the-shelf research at Node B) to "plug-in" for solutions to bring the problem state to the preferred state? Create a list of those alternatives.

F. Create evaluation criteria or checklist(s). Evaluate "plug-ins" to choose best option(s).

G. Create, design, the preferred state ( from Item C) using choices made (at Item F). Make sure they will work as expected by checking levels of integration against the ideals of the preferred state.

H. Develop strategies to implement the preferred state
solutions/applications. What steps and strategies will be used to put the solutions/applications "in place" to effect the desired change(s). Create an implementation "timeline", i.e., what goes in, when?

I. Send the results to Nodes A, B and D.

1. Node A for reviewal against standards, policies and rules.

2. Node B for developing required strategies into "packages" for distribution and implementation.

3. Node D for delivering, integrating, marketing, into/at the problem state. scenario.

J. Node D reports back to system with results, problems, needs, etc. encountered, reported.

VI. Begin process again.

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